1:35 Dragon Tank Model Kits Pz. Kpfw. IV Ausf.E (3 in 1) 6264

This kit can be assembled into any one of the following:

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This kit can be assembled into any one of the following:

* Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. E Early Production
* Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. E Late Production
* Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. E DAK Version

Here are all of the great features:

Turret & Cuppola

* the first kit ever to include the hollowed out undercut on the turret bottom
* incorporates toothed turret ring on turret interior
* turret turntable unit included
* turntable with accurate floor pattern
* Commander's, loader's and gunner's seats included
* slide-molded co-axial MG with hollow muzzle
* full co-axial MG assembly
* vision port w/ open or closed option
* cupola hatch can be assembled open or closed
* commander's hatch w/ interior detail
* clear parts for vision port windshield
* direct sighting post can be made from supplied photo-etched parts
* storage bin can be assembled open/closed
* optional delicate lock attachment included
* signal ports can be shown open/closed
* pistol port can be shown open/closed
* side hatches can be assembled open/closed with interior details
* side hatches complete with interior details and stoppers


* complete gun assembly with full detail
* beautifully detailed Kwk37 L/24 gun
* correct catcher for used ammo shells
* detailed gun muzzle
* accurate rifling inside gun barrel
* mantlet view port can be modeled open/closed
* mantlet guard can be removed and gun unloaded like real vehicle's

Upper Hull

* driver's hatch and radio operator's hatch w/ interior detail
* hatches can be assembled open/closed
* workable driver's vision port can be opened or closed
* complete MG; with workable MG ball-mount
* two different types of spare wheel racks are offered
* both regular and DAK type engine deck hatches included
* realistic double-layered air intake
* air intake covers have option of injection or photo-etched parts
* add-on side armor plates come as separate parts
* frontal MG armor plate with mounting brackets can be assembled in three different ways
* detailed on-vehicle tools with clasps are injection molded
* additional on-vehicle tools w/o clasps
* mounting ladder can be made from photo-etched parts
* track tools can be made from photo-etched parts
* brackets for fenders can be formed from photo-etched parts
* bolts and rivets are accurately represented
* towing cable heads have hollow ends courtesy of slide molds
* headlights with clear parts inside
* steering brake inspection hatches can be assembled open/closed

Lower Hull and Rear

* high-tech one-piece slide molded hull tub means it won't deform like one assembled from several parts
* the world's first kit with duel hull with and without additional side armor
* injected fenders are made to the thinnest possible dimensions
* separate front and rear fenders can be posed in a folded back position
* side fenders with pattern detail on both top and bottom surface
* hull bottom has full and correct details
* fuel filler hatch open/closed option
* towing eye brackets in extreme detail with numerous separate parts
* chain on towing eye brackets made from photo-etched parts
* xtendable jack with separate parts
* cooling drain cap with photo-etched chain
* one-piece muffler produced by slide molds
* exhaust pipe with fine detail
* taillight with photo-etched parts
* accurate smoke discharger housing

Wheels & Tracks

* realistic suspension with multiple component actually works like the real vehicle's
* suspension armored covers come as separate parts leaf spring front ends can be assembled with or without covers
* accurately modeled sprocket wheel for Ausf. E
* the final drive housings with separate armoured cover - and details on both sides
* Idler adjuster mountings have the most accurate detail possible with gears inside
* correctly detailed idler wheels with numerous separate parts
* "Magic Tracks" included
* both left and right tracks accurately modeled
* road wheels exhibit extreme detail with separate rubber rims and hubs
* realistic parting line on rubber rims
* accurately portrayed width on rubber rims of wheels

BONUS items

* realistic cacti made in Dragon Styrene
* metal towing cable
* Jerry cans with photo-etched parts
* brass ammo
* Generation 2 figure: General Guderian figure that includes Swappable plastic/photo-etched shoulder boards, realistic collar/cuff overhang and slide-molded sole pattern for his shoes
* metal wire for front and rear lamp electrical wiring
* new decals by Carftograf

1:35 Dragon Tank Model Kits Pz. Kpfw. IV Ausf.E (3 in 1) 6264

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1:35 Dragon Tank Model Kits Pz. Kpfw. IV Ausf.E (3 in 1) 6264
This kit can be assembled into any one of the following:

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