Transformers G1 Combiner Defensor Aisa Reissue

Profile: Charged with the awesome responsibility of protecting humans

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Profile: Charged with the awesome responsibility of protecting humans from Decepticon attacks, Defensor views the people of Earth as if they were his own children. Using all his power and strength, he'll fight until his last drop of fuel is expended before he'll allow a person to be harmed. His is a kinship that defies logic; in fact, many of the other Autobots worry that Defensor undermines his own effectiveness by being so emotionally attached to humans. Inevitably, Defensor is disappointed by this cross-species friendship he tries to foster. Although he thinks of himself as one of the humans, much like a sheepdog among a flock of sheep, rarely do humans consider this hulking, mechanical alien one of them. More likely, they consider Defensor a threat, as terrifying as any Decepticon. So far, this is a bitter truth that Defensor refuses to accept.

Abilities: Defensor has tremendous strength. He can lift 300,000 pounds with one hand. As a combination of the five Protectobots - Blades, Streetwise, Groove, First Aid, and Hot Spot - Defensor has a mind that is surprisingly sharp. Occasionally, he suffers from brief mental lapses when the portion of his mind that is Groove's wanders. He is impervious to most artillery. He can surround himself and a 50-foot circle around him with a protective force-field. This, however, takes tremendous energy, so Defensor rarely uses the force-field for more than a minute at a time. He wields a fireball cannon, which shoots 2000 degree Fahrenheit bursts of blue fire up to 1.5 miles.

Weaknesses: Other than the aforementioned brief mental lapses, Defensor's limbs sometimes fail to move upon command from his brain, apparently due to poor circuit connections. He is not especially mobile or agile.
Transformers Defensor
  • This reissue includes all necessary parts just like the original version!
Transformers Defensor
  • This Defensor Asia reissue is as the same size as the 85's original one.
Transformers Defensor
  • This reissue made of plastic.
Transformers Defensor
  • It includes all necessary parts and weapons.
Transformers Defensor
  • Pictures show the actual item but please note this is not a Hasbro product.
  • Item is brand new mint in factory sealed box.

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Transformers G1 Combiner Defensor Aisa Reissue
Profile: Charged with the awesome responsibility of protecting humans

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Based on pictures, the car is wrong. The car was grey with black windows as the 1985.
This would not do justice to the 1985 version.

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